Apsaras Traditional Dance or we called Khmer Traditional Dance with Buffer Dinner: Its show us about the culture of Khmer people who are living the country. If you are here you should go to see the show and you will know some more about Khmer cultures as well.

Kampong Phluk: is one of the lake site attractions which on the norther part of Tonle Sap. It is situated 20 km from Siem Reap city. The trip to this place can be combined with Roulos Group: Bakong, Lolei, and Preah Ko. Kampong Phluk means Harbour of the Tusks. The journey to visit Kampong Pluk will be visiting stilted houses, school children, fishermen and some activities of their fishing. Above all, Kampong Pluk has its unique flooded forests where you cannot find anywhere else in Cambodia, Also, if somebody wants to donate something to the poor primary school, you can buy something like books, or other school materials from the city to those things to them. Connected by avenues of water from which individuals or boats full to the brim paddle their way between one another. Most people make their living from fishing here, and the scenery is beautiful.

Kampong Khleang: is located northern edge of the fresh water lake.It is 55 km from the city. This trip can be combined with Beng Melea, 12th century temple. The whole community has some five thousand stilted houses built on the shore and by the side of the river. In dry season, we see all houses are about 10 meters above the ground. There are 20,000 people living in those houses. They build their home on stilt by themselves , so close to each other, which make them look really good by real eyes and never want to miss to take to photos since it is the first time to visit.

During the monsoon season, the water rises up sometimes of the year to the floor of their houses. Boat ride during the dry season and rainy season is totally different. To see everything, boat ride will take 2 hours to see the villages, schools, market boats, floating houses.

War Museum in Siem Reap is the only one War Museum .It is one of the amazing place to see after the tour of Angkor wat. It offers visitors a unique and insightful view of the perils that Cambodia faced during the last 3 decades of the 20th century. It gives also visitors an excellent opportunity to learn more about what actually occurred during Cambodia’s ‘war years’, It has a unique collection, you will also be able to see war machines like the tank T-54, the jet fighter aircraft MiG-19, the helicopter Mil Mi-8 and the field artillery gun 85-mm divisional gun D-44. Before used in Cambodia, some of these war machines have even seen action during World War II. Among the collection there are also many sorts of landmines and rare photographs from the defined period of time in Cambodia. You can take a free guide to lead you around.

Landmine Museum located on the way to Banteay Srie temple. There are many mine there. If you want to see , we can stop on the back from the the temple.

During Cambodia’s three-decade-long conflict, approximately more than six million landmines were planted in Cambodia , and the Landmine Museum represents an agonizing window into the realism of the country’s landmine situation. This museum was founded in 1997 by Aki Ra, with the prime objective to make the country safe. There are a few NGO have been trying every day to take them out.

Cambodian Cultural village is located on national 6 to the airport. This place is one tourist attraction. It is set up for those tourists who cannot have a lot of time to understand about the way of living of those tribal people. In there, it has collection of villages such as Wax Museum, Millionaire House, Souvenirs,Cham Village, Chinese Village, Kroeng Village, Cambodian Immigrants to Oversea Village, Khmer Village, Miniatures, Phnorng Village, Surin Village,

Smile Of Angkor 'Angkor Coex' There is only one place of The Smile of Angkor Grand Epic Show in Siem Reap is a show about the history and culture of Cambodia. Dancers from the Cambodian Royal Ballet as well as from China immerse you to the time when the Temples of Angkor were built. Smile of Angkor is a high technology laser show with modern lighting and sound system. It combines ancient Cambodian songs and dances with ancient Khmer martial art performances, acrobatics, legends, local Khmer life, the temples of Angkor, Khmer festivals and the Hindu myth Churning the Sea of Milk.The Smile of Angkor Show is shown in the Siem Reap Exhibition Center Angkor COEX, which is located just north of the Apsara roundabout on Apsara Road near the Charles de Gaulle Boulevard.

The Cambodia Circus Show

A Popular Siem Reap Tourism Attraction: The Silk  Farm in Siem Reap tourism industry’s attraction is so popular amongst visitors. Even two National Geographic buses were at the farm during my visit. And no wonder! Artisans D’Angkor has done a great job in laying out the silk process for curious visitors.

The silk farm is located about 20 minutes from the center of Siem Reap. It is rather out of the way in the Puok district. No worries, though, because the company offers free shuttle pick ups and drop offs, from their store in Siem Reap.

The, the actual tour is free as well. This is the entrance to the silk farm, where soon after you’ll be met with a personal guide who will walk you through the whole process. Siem Reap tourism - Silk farm entrance

Entrance to the silk farm.I must say, the whole place looks really nice. It looks as if they built it solely to please Western visitors, which is probably true. Cambodia silk is big part of the Siem Reap tourism industry.

The world famous Bird sanctuary( Prek Toal) harbours seven species of water birds of global significance: Spot billed Pelican, Milky Stork, Painted Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant, Black headed Ibis, Oriental Darter, there is a globally significant population of Grey-headed Fish Eagles and the secretive Masked Finfoot was spotted on an SVC trip in March 2011, over 150 species have been recorded in the reserve.

The Prek Toal area consists of seasonally inundated freshwater swamp forest with a high botanical diversity. Short tree shrub makes up most of the landscape, forming a dense under story with scattered large trees, which form the vital nesting ground for large water birds. Prek Toal is unmatched throughout South East Asia for the number and populations of endangered water birds it supports through the dry season. Large flocks of cormorants, storks and pelicans are almost guaranteed from January to May, along with herons, egrets and terns.

Angkor National Museum project has been initiated from the granted contract to “Build, Cooperate and Transfer (BCT)” between the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, APSARA Authority (MCFA & APSARA) on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia and The Museum Co., Ltd. on its 30 year concession period.
Angkor National Museum is a profound cultural landmark in Siem Reap placing in the area of 20,000 Sq.m. which combined together The Museum: The world-class museum that reveals the legend of Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom, and The Museum Mall: The lifestyle landmark providing completed facilities and recreation services for both tourists and local community.
Angkor National Museum - The Legend Revealed
During the Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom, one of the ancient civilizations of this world was being created. It is the origin of Khmer art, culture, and architecture. These great inventions became one of the few wonders of the world that still amaze people through out generations that still lays a great impact in present Cambodia society.
Angkor National Museum takes pride in revealing the royal historical path of this Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom through the state of the art multimedia technology to provide visitors a full picturesque story of the legend in an easy understanding way.

Shooting Range: There are Many tourists come to Cambodia in addition to sightseeing attractions such as mountains or sea, someone want adventure tour or love challenges.some tourists from different country and some tourists used to be army and some never send guns and would like to see and try to shoot and feel for fun and just dropping of some money to military like helping and support army training school.

The Elephant Ride: There are 3 places of elephant riding in Siem reap Angkor. First from the south gate of Angkor Thom, The second is Bayon temple so tourists ride elephant a round bayon, The third id Bakeng mountain for sunset. Siem Reap Elephant Rides are one of the popular Siem Reap attractions becoming a more and more popular way of visiting many of the Angkor Temples. This was how the Ancient Angkorian Kings of old used to get from one place to other place, and elephants were key to the construction of the Angkor Temples themselves as they were used.

Angkor Zipline Eco-Adventure Tour

The Zipline eco-adventure that has made Angkor famous. The only zipline tour inside Angkor Park is a safe, world-class adventure that is thrilling while maintaining an emphasis on safety, fun & education.


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